Susquehanna Micro is proud to specialize in the repair of oximeter probes, finger sensors, cables,veterinary probes, and lingual probes for all brands of pulse oximeter's and oxygen monitors. We pride ourselves on our swift turn-around time and our professional repair's and service. Hospitals, clinics and home care facilities all send their oximeter probes to us. We service the entire continental U.S.

Our usual rate is $49 for each oximeter probe, but we have a special offer for first time customers: Two oximeter Probes for $55. Click here for details and a printable coupon for the Two Oximeter Probes for $55 Offer. Any Veterinary probe or lingual probe in need of repair can also use the coupon, but after that they will cost $69 instead of $49. If you're not sure which brand of probes you have you can contact us and will be glad to give any assistance that you may need. Listed below is just a few of the major brands that we repair.

  • BCI
  • Criticare
  • Critikon
  • CSI
  • Datascope (9 pin rectangle)
  • Datex
  • Hewlett Packard*
  • Invivo
  • Masimo
  • Nihon-Kohden
  • Nellcor
  • Nonin
  • Novametrics
  • Ohmeda
  • Palco
  • Physio-Control
  • Sensormedics
  • Space Labs
  • Lingual Probes
  • Standard Rates and Policy for Repairs:
    All brands of probes, except Hewlett Packard, cost $49.00 per repaired probe and come with a 90 day warranty. Hewlett Packard is an exception and costs $85.00. You may ask us to call with the estimate first before we proceed with repair.

    Housing Replacement, if needed: Additional $30
    Hewlett Packard Housing Replacement, not included in price: Additional $35.00

    The 90 day probe warranty does not cover physical damages to the probe such as: smashed housings, torn or cut cables, and broken pins.

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