Product Name:  Acutronic Monsoon Deluxe High Frequency Jet Ventilator

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Part Number: ACU-1112

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Acutronic Monsoon High Frequency Jet Ventilator  

The Monsoon jet vent received FDA approval (1/03) and is now available for sale. Susquehanna Micro is proud to be the only North American dealer licensed to sell and repair Acutronic ventilator products.

The Monsoon replaces the AMS-1000 in Acutronic's product line. The jet ventilator features an integrated humidification and heating system for jet gas. Humidification is automatically adjusted according to the actual minute volume delivered to each patient.

The Monsoon is suitable for all procedures in ENT surgery, thoracic surgery, heart surgery, brain surgery as well as for applications in intensive care for patients with severe lung injury, ARDS or bronchopleural fistulas. Due to Monsoon's unique humidification and heating system, there is no limitation in application duration as with other systems. Monsoon can be used in combination with a conventional ventilator, thus extending the area of applications.


- Standard one year warranty (optional two year warranty at additional cost)
- Large display showing patient parameters, graphical wave form, pressure levels and limits
- Delivered Tidal Volume and Minute Volume Displayed
- Adjustable bypass flow allows pre oxygenation of patients before surgery and auxiliary ventilation
- Alpha-Dial allows quick and flexible access to change parameter settings
- Improved safety and reliability with microprocessor control
- PIP & PP alarm limit / high pressure cutoff
- MAP,EEP,PIP,PP pressure monitoring displayed on screen for easy viewing

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Replacement Ventilator:

Acutronic Monsoon III

  • Pause Pressure
  • Peak Pressure

System Alarms:
  • Power Failure
  • System Failure
  • Gas supply failure
  • FiO2
  • Add water

Set Parameters:
  • Frequency
  • Inspiratory Time
  • Fio2
  • Driving Pressure
  • Auxiliary Gas Flow
  • Humidification

Displayed & Measured Settings:
  • Frequency
  • Inspiratory Time
  • Pause Pressure
  • Driving Pressure
  • FiO2
  • TV / MV
  • PIP / MAP / EEP
  • Humidification
  • Bypass Flow Rate

  • W x H x D
  • Weight

  • Air Supply
  • Oxygen Supply
  • Power Supply
  • Power Consumption
  • Type

    0 - 80 cmH2O
    0 - 80 cmH2O

System Alarms
    if electrical power drops below 95 VAC
    if microprocessor fails
    if air/oxygen supply fails
    if oxygen concentration changes 5% above or below set value
    if water supply fails

System Alarms
    12 - 150 CPM
    20 -60%
    21 - 100% Oxygen
    5 - 40 PSI
    0 - 70 lpm
    0 - 100%

System Alarms

System Alarms
    50cm x 19cm x 34cm
    13.2 kg

System Alarms
    21% Medical Grade Air 40 - 90 PSI
    100% Medical Grade Oxygen 40 - 90 PSI
    100 - 240 VAC
    80 VAC
    Universal High Frequency Jet Ventilator

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