Product Name:  KoKo Pneumotach Spirometers

Price: $3350.00 (without computer) *Please call for availability*

Part Number: PDS-313105


The Koko Pneumotach Spirometer and Koko Spirometry Software without Computer (P/N 313105): $3350. With a Refurbished Color Pentium Laptop or Desktop, Pneumotach, Koko Software and Inkjet Printer: $5395.

The KoKo Pneumotach Spirometer represents new directions of excellence in spirometry diagnostic testing. The sophistication of KoKo software provides simple spirometry testing. Simple, quick & accurate, the KoKo is a unique spirometry system which combines a portable, hand held unit (or pneumotach) with the power and storage capability of a computer system. The Koko spirometry software is available for Windows.

Independent laboratory validation has shown the KoKo spirometers to exceed the ATS Spirometry Recommendations. The research grade Koko spirometer is completely portable with the use of a laptop computer. Software features include graphic incentives, customizable reports, trend analysis, custom interpretation, and simultaneous real-time flow/volume loops and real-time volume/time graphs.

New Dell Laptops with Windows XP Professional are available as an upgrade. Please call for pricing and availability.

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We sell all of the supplies needed for testing from patient filters, 3 liter syringes to calibrate the spirometers, and a variety of PFT supplies such as noseclips, mouthpieces, and Wavicide sterilization liquid.

The Patient Filters for most of our systems including the Cosmed Spirometers, Cosmed Pulmonary Function Equipment, Cybermedic Spirometers, Cybermedic Pulmonary Function equipment, Collins Pulmonary Function Equipment, Morgan Scientific/Medisoft Pulmonary Function Equipment, and the NSpire Koko Spirometer use the part number CYB-CB1503. PFT Patient Filters are recommended for use when bacteria and viruses are exhaled by a patient during testing, and without a PFT filter, they are carried into the PFT equipment tubing, flow sensor and possibly into the circuitry. Viral/bacterial filters enhance patient care by easing their fears of cross contamination and increase productivity by decreasing sterilization requirements. Visit our Filters page for more information.

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