Product Name: Cosmed / Cosmed Q-Box Body Box (Plethysmograph)

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Part Number: COS-C03251-01-11

Cosmed Q-Box Body Box  

We are now offering a gold-standard Body Box (Plethysmograph). The Body Box (Plethysmograph) is fast, accurate, and easy to use. The Q-Box is a software guided Body Box (Plethysmograph) and has expansive capability to test Spirometry, DLCO, FRC, SRAW, RAW, TGV, etc... It has been engineered and manufactured to the highest quality and standards by Cosmed. The unit has a low cost of operation and maintenance and no high-cost consumables. The Q-Box Body Box has the ability at any time to be upgraded to perform Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing & Nutritional Assessment, MIP/MEP, and Integrated Pulse Oximeter; for Resting and Stress applications.

We sell the Body Box (Plethysmograph), Cosmed Quark Pulmonary Function Testing System, Cosmed CPET Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing System, and a full range of Cosmed Spirometers. We offer other PFT supplies and accessories for just about every systems on the market, including patient filters, PFT absorbents like Drierite, Ambsorb, and Sodalyme, hose kits, nose clips, mouthpieces, calibration gases, and 3 liter diffusion bags.

The Patient Filters for most of our systems including the Cosmed Spirometers, Cosmed Pulmonary Function Equipment, Cybermedic Spirometers, Cybermedic Pulmonary Function equipment, Collins Pulmonary Function Equipment, Morgan Scientific/Medisoft Pulmonary Function Equipment, and the NSpire Koko Spirometer use the part number CYB-CB1503. PFT Patient Filters are recommended for use when bacteria and viruses are exhaled by a patient during testing, and without a PFT filter, they are carried into the PFT equipment tubing, flow sensor and possibly into the circuitry. Viral/bacterial filters enhance patient care by easing their fears of cross contamination and increase productivity by decreasing sterilization requirements. Visit our Filters page for more information.

Dimensions(Main Unit):
Width:  13 inches
Length: 16.1 inches
Height:  6.3 inches
(Body Box):
Width:  37 inches
Length: 35 inches
Height:  67.7 inches
Internal Volume:
852 Liter
Power Ratings:
Power Requirements:  100/ 240 VAC± 10% , 50-60 Hz,

Temperature:  0-50°C
Barometer:  400-800(mmHg)
Humidity: 0-100%


Static Volumes Measurement:
TGV, VC, IRV, ERV, RV, TLC, FRC, RV and derived parameters

Respiratory Mechanics:

Dynamic Volumes Measurement (Spirometry):
FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, FIV1, SVC, ERV, IRV, IC, EC, MVV, Bronchial Challenge, Lung age and derived parameters

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