Product Name: Cosmed FitMate MED

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Part Number: COS-CO9066-03-99

Cosmed Fitmate MED  

Susquehanna Micro is pleased to introduce Cosmed's FitMate MED. The first unique desktop system for complete Cardio Pulmonary Assessment. The FitMate MED measures maximal oxygen uptake, that is the gold standard for measuring exercise capacity and determining aerobic fitness.

The FitMate MED performs VO2 max and real METS (metabolic equivalents of task), REE (Resting Energy Expenditure), RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) in Kcal/day and Spirometry (FVC, SVC, MVV,and PRE & POST). With these features you will be able to report classification of exercise capacity and anaerobic expenditure, a full spirometry report and resting energy expenditure for resting and exercise measurements.

This FitMate comes with several monitoring tools to help professionals monitor daily physical activity.

Here are some of the Tools:
  -Skin-fold Caliper
  -FitMate Pedometer
  -FitMate PC software
  -Individual Weight Management Program
 **Cardio Respiratory Fitness (CRF) also known as VO2 Max is the maximum capacity to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise. The highest value reached during an incremental test is then used to assess the performance of endurance athletes, establish fitness level of non athletes and to understand factors that may limit the exercise capacity of any non athletes**

We also sell CYB-CB1503 Patient Filters for Cosmed Spirometry and Cosmed Pulmonary Function equipment. PFT Patient Filters are recommended for use when bacteria and viruses are exhaled by a patient during testing, and without a PFT filter, they are carried into the PFT equipment tubing, flow sensor and possibly into the circuitry. Viral/bacterial filters enhance patient care by easing their fears of cross contamination and increase productivity by decreasing sterilization requirements. Visit our Filters page for more information.

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